Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My amazing friend Arianna took these photos while she was visiting me in Paris last month. Finally some sunny-ish weather in Paris but still not warm enough to go without a jacket, which is not entirely a bad thing since I'm seriously in love with my oversized jean jacket <3 face="inherit" font="">Bought this baby at a vintage store for 5 euro (suddenly 'Thrift shop' by Macklemore starts playing in my head~) and added studs,spikes and a shiny silver & black 'NO' patch that I made myself on the back. Some people have asked me why I just have no written on my back and in response I have two reasons: firstly I'm so sick of creepy guys in Paris who think that it's okay to bother you when you're just trying to mind your own business walking around Paris(or anywhere else for that matter) so it's like a polite "no fuck you go away nope nope nope" and secondly it's also my initials and funny enough they actually suit my "NO, NOPE." personality. I love to mix cute things with scary tough looking stuff so the spikes on the jacket are perfect for contrasting the floofy sheer-ness of the white skirt~

Striped crop top- Forever 21
White maxi skirt- From a small store in Harajuku whose name I can't remember :(
Shiny silver platforms- Zara


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