Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Outside Tokyo

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More photos from when I went to visit my friend Arianna (who has the most fab blog ever)~
So in love with thigh high socks at the moment! That TOKYO shirt is now my most treasured item of clothing, brings back so many memories from my trip last summer :')

Floral Blazer- Zara
Tokyo t-shirt- Urban Outfitters
Black high-waisted shorts- American Apparel
White thigh-high socks- American Apparel
White platforms- Topshop
Black studded clutch- Forever 21
 Studded bracelet- Forever 21
Black choker necklace- Spinns Harajuku


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  1. so pretty , so cute, your blog was linked by my friend Tanya Wall , also on lookbook .... I love your style !! ♥