Monday, May 28, 2012

Los Angeles

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Jackie Chan! Who inspired me to try out martial arts when I was younger :')
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Melody-me-Arianna :)

What I'm wearing: 
Sheer Kimono- Forever 21
Black lace crop top- American Eagle Outfitters
White leather belt- Forever 21
Red leather purse- Mango
Spike bracelet- Forever 21 (similar here)
Ring- made by Melody :)

Arianna and I decided to take a trip up to LA to visit our Parsons friend Melody who we hadn't seen since last summer! It was so much fun meeting up! We went shopping and Melody showed us around to all the coolest places in LA. We even went to a karaoke place which was soooo much fun even though I destroyed my vocal cords x) 
Both of these lovely ladies have blogs (click on their names to get there) :) 
You can check out Arianna's LA look here

more posts soon!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Texas ☀

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What I'm wearing: 
White top-dress-Vintage
Floral shorts-H&M
Red Leather purse-Mango
Black belt-Zara

Last month I went to visit my friend Arianna from Texas. We met last summer at the Parsons Paris summer Fashion design course and immediately became friends. She came to visit me here in Italy around october so we organized another meet up but this time I went to visit her :)
We had loads of fun shopping and hanging out together, we even went to Los Angeles to visit another friend we met in Paris.
Check out this super cute video Arianna made of one of our shopping days in Texas :

Also check out her blog here
L.A. post next my darlings! :)