Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nicole's Beauty Favorites: Skin Care

Beauty Favorites Skin Care
Hello! Just wanted to show you guys my favorite skin care products :)

a. Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub: This is actually a product that I've been using for a while. It exfoliates really nicely without being too rough on the skin. It is delicate enough for daily use and leaves the skin feeling super smooth. It's actually lasted me quite a long time because you really don't need that much of it when exfoliating. Overall I really love this scrub :)

b. Clinique mild Liquid Facial Soap: This product has to be my favorite out of the 3-step system that Clinique has. I have quite dry skin so facial soaps usually end up drying out my skin and making it flaky instead of clean but this soap has never done that. It doesn't leave my skin feeling uncomfortable but instead it feels nice and smooth and clean.

c. Elizabeth Arden Advanced lip-fix cream: I use this lip primer whenever I wear my lipstick to help make the color last longer and to keep my lips hydrated since sometimes lipstick can dry them out. It is definitely a great product which really does make any lipstick last longer.

d. Neutrogena Hydrating Acne Treatment: I'll start off with saying that I LOVE THIS cream! Most acne treatments end up making my skin worse by making it all dry and red but this treatment really helps reduce redness while still keeping my skin hydrated. It really helps to clear up the skin from acne and makes it easier to cover up any imperfections because it smoothes out the skin and reduces redness.

e. Roberts Acqua Distillata Alle Rose: This is a very refreshing skin toner that is essentially distilled rose water which reduces redness and skin irritations as well as keeping the skin looking refreshed and radiant. I love how delicate and refreshing this toner is! It smells so nice too, each bottle is made from the essence of three top quality roses.

f. L'Erbolario Lodi Crema Viso Antirughe Con Calendula, Carota e Ginseng: This is an anti-wrinkle cream made with with Calendula flower, carrot and ginseng. 'L'Erbolario Lodi' makes wonderful all natural products . Now you're probably thinking that it's weird that a 17 year old is using an anti-wrinkle cream x) I use it because it is quite a dense,rich and hydrating cream so I use it at night so that my skin can absorb it while I sleep. When I wake up my skin is hydrated and super smooth and it feels and looks really healthy.

Part 2 will be next and will feature my makeup favorites so stay tuned ;)


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  1. great tips! you have gorgeous skin nicole! this stuff must work!!