Monday, January 30, 2012

Bleach, Snow, Earthquakes & Exams

                                        Vintage fur coat- Free 'P' Star Paris
                                                   Wool grey top- Zara
Blue floral shorts- H&M  
Wedged ankle boots- H&M 

Hello! I'm back again! :) Almost done with my exams, only one left which is  on wednesday BUT THEN IT IS OVER thank god! -.-'
During my exams I decided to change up my hair a bit ;) Went blonder (you can see the before and after piks on facebook). The tips are blonder than the top to create an ombre effect that will be more noticable once it grows out a bit.
Also It finally started snowing! woo! Unfortunately it didn't snow enough to postpone my exams T.T
Actually not even the two earthquakes that happened last week managed to postpone my exams!
It felt quite nice to dress up for this post since I've mainly been wearing pretty chill clothes and makeup during my exams, it provided a bit of a..creative outlet for my exam stress x)
Only one left!