Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Late Birthday

Black lace shirt
Vintage black velvet dress
Black and white coat- Promod
Beige boots- H&M

YAY FINALLY put together my birthday post (like a month later but oh well...)
I wore this outfit on my birthday (8th nov) to school. I had decided to dress up for the special occasion and my friend had offered to take some pictures for me at school but I was too busy eating some delicious nutella cupcakes and I now regret that choice since it took me a month to redo this post..Next time I'll take the pictures AND eat the cupcakes! :)
I adore the little black velvet dress I'm wearing here, it's quite princessy but still dark paired with the lace shirt.
My lovely friend Arianna took these pictures for me, check out her gorgeous blog here
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  1. You are so beautiful Nicole! XXX
    Ta-taa for now,

  2. Sei proprio carina (:
    mi piace molto il tuo blog,ti seguo!

  3. Tok (im just too lazy to log in but its really me xD)Sunday, December 18, 2011 8:13:00 PM

    Nicole you little pretty awesomeness! ;)
    This looks just so wonderful on you, really. You have the PERFECT body. Wanna change?! Don't care for mine any longer hahah :D You really look wonderfu. It's just stunning. LOVE this look!

  4. Tok! :)
    Thank you! you're so sweet! :)

  5. Lovely blog--I'll be following! Love your vintage LBD. It's perfect!


    Hello, Framboise!