Saturday, December 31, 2011


Happy New Year everyone!! :) wanted to present you with two outfits I put together for tonight

Wool Jacket- Zara
Gold scarf
Black top- H&M
Sparkly high waisted skirt- H&M
Black patterned tights- gift
Heels- Max Mara
Black purse- Vintage 

Striped sparkly jumpsuit-Vintage
Black blazer-Vintage
Heels- Max Mara


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays

What I'm wearing
Red velvet jacket- Diane von Furstenberg
Black Lace shirt with red top underneath
Silver jeans- H&M
black boots- Gap

What my sister is wearing
Red jacket- Zara
Black dress- Zara
Heels- Max Mara

Hope you all have wonderful Holidays! :)

My Holiday manicure ;) SPARKLES! (to match my jeans)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Paris, I Miss You

Black and white top(actually a dress)- H&M
Rose Skirt- H&M
Belt- Zara
Black Beret- Galleries LaFayette Paris
Heels- Carvela

Missing Paris...
Put together an outfit based on what I'd imagine myself wearing in Paris :)
Holiday Post tonight so stay tuned! :) ❄ 


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Late Birthday

Black lace shirt
Vintage black velvet dress
Black and white coat- Promod
Beige boots- H&M

YAY FINALLY put together my birthday post (like a month later but oh well...)
I wore this outfit on my birthday (8th nov) to school. I had decided to dress up for the special occasion and my friend had offered to take some pictures for me at school but I was too busy eating some delicious nutella cupcakes and I now regret that choice since it took me a month to redo this post..Next time I'll take the pictures AND eat the cupcakes! :)
I adore the little black velvet dress I'm wearing here, it's quite princessy but still dark paired with the lace shirt.
My lovely friend Arianna took these pictures for me, check out her gorgeous blog here
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

❄Let It Snow❄

Fur coat- from a vintage store in Paris
Read leather purse- Mango
Knit top- Zara
Necklace- Natura
Black lace skirt- H&M
Beige boots- H&M

Though my face does not show it, I am actually quite excited for Christmas, mainly looking forward to not going to school even though I haven't even set up a Christmas tree yet...I KNOW I KNOW I'M VERY BEHIND IN MY CHRISTMAS DECORATING! but hey I least I don't still have the halloween decorations up like last year... had a 'Nightmare before Christmas' thing going on in my house x)
Anyway I was actually on my way to a restaurant with Arianna when we saw how pretty the sparkly lights looked so we decided to snap a few pictures. I was taking her to have some real Italian 'Risotto' which was incredibly delicious. We ordered some deserts and check out how yummy they looked: 

unfortunately the deserts looked tastier than they actually where...but nonetheless It was a really delicious dinner :)

By the way I have my birthday post ready (pfft like a month late) so that will be next, stay tuned ;)


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Monday, December 12, 2011




Me and my Fabulous friend Arianna (who kindly took these photos for me AND was the one who shall we say "pimped" my blog, my very own Xzibit♡) check out her stunning blog HERE

Fur coat- From an awesome vintage shop in Paris
Lace shirt- Magically appeared in my closet
High waisted silver sparkly jeans- H&M 
Heels- Carvela
Silver necklace with little bells- Artigiano in fiera, Milano 
Silver Bracelet with little bells- Gift for my last birthday

It's been pretty shitty weather recently so I decided to FABULIZE a rainy grey day with some sparkle and fur (DON'T HATE IT'S VINTAGE! I didn't kill the animal D:). I found these fantastic jeans on my last trip to H&M in Milan. Within the racks of dark winter colors I saw a glimmer of light like the creepy glow of a cats eyes in the dark. I had to have them, there was no turning back after having tried them on. 
A new pair of unusual jeans to add to my slowly growing crazy jeans collection (explored in my previous post).
The little bells on my bracelet and necklace added a little bit of christmas spirit to my outfit...every step or little movement I made was like a holiday music soundtrack to my day.

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