Sunday, November 20, 2011

Can't think of a title cause I'm silly☺


Short sweater-Zara
High waisted black pants-Zara
Beige Boots-H&M
Black lace necklace-gift from friend :)
Gold bracelet-Forever 21
Black leather and murano glass watch-from a small store in Venice
murano glass bracelet- ^


Striped cream and black crop top-H&M
Studded belt- gift :)
Green pants-Zara
Leather bag-gift from my sister for my birthday that she bought at a vintage store in Milan :)

So first of all I need to apologize for taking so long to make a post! I actually had 2 different posts planned for last week but (1) I never got a chance to take pictures of what I was wearing on my Birthday (the 8th of nov) which is quite disappointing since I got super dressed up but I'll definitely re-create the look and make a post about it soon :) (2)The post that I wanted to do before my birthday post was one about my art classes' trip to see the Biennale in Venice  but I'm still waiting to get some pictures from my friend to complete the post.

Anyway, I've been dying to show you the cute boots I bought at H&M while I was in Paris a few weeks ago! I adore them! They match with almost every outfit I put together and they are quite comfortable once you get used to them (though I wouldn't recommend wearing them for more than 8 hours when you're not used to wearing high heels for that amount of time.Learn from my fail.). Also went shopping today and picked up a pair of high waisted black pants,green pants and a cropped sweater from Zara  which I am quite excited about :)

I'll try to get those 2 posts done this week if I have time (I will make time) x)


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  1. Loving these looks Nicole! And TOTALLY jealous you got to go to Paris again! Love those boots!!!!!!!!!! Miss YOU! XXX

    Ta-taa for now,