Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What is sleep?

Luna seems to deeply understand what sleep is x)

Wore this outfit last friday and obviously with my fantastic luck the weather decided to become so disgustingly hot on the day I was wearing all black. I swear I felt like a vampire, if I were to step out into the sunlight I probably would have shriveled up or turned into popcorn or...or melted xD also take into account that that day I was also wearing black tights -.- It's so irritating when in the morning it looks like it's about to rain so I obviously dress accordingly but then at around 11am the sun decides to come out and make the weather go all hot and humid...

So I have the feeling that I'll be posting possibly 2-3 more times today...stay tuned! :)

Black loose top-H&M
Black and gold beaded necklace- from my parents trip to Egypt(when I was tres petite)


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