Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vogue Fashion's Night Out MILANO


I've been wanting to do this post since I got back from Milan last thursday but it was a bit late so I procrastinated until today x) So here is what I wore to Vogue Fashion's Night Out in Milan, I wanted to keep it simple but added the light blue polka dot scarf so that I wasn't just wearing black and white (and also to keep the chills away at night). I love that scarf because the color is my one of my favorites (other than black) and the different sized polka-dots are so cute :)

I really enjoyed Fashion's night out! There where so many stylish people and going around the shops and boutiques was wonderful, we went to Alexander McQueen, Prada and a few others as well as H&M where I bought the black top from the post before and a simple red dress.

White T-shirt-(stole it from my sisters closet...shhh!)
Black lace skirt-H&M
Black belt-H&M
Polka dot scarf-H&M
Blue beaded necklace-spanish accessory store


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