Friday, September 16, 2011

☝As in heaven, as in hell☟


Rocking one(out of like 15) of my band t-shirts that I own :) Most of the ones that I have are from my dad (who doesn't wear them anymore) who gave them to me about 2 years ago. The shirts he's given me are of the coolest bands ever that have now become some of my favorite bands too. I bought this shirt at a music store but the ones that my dad gave me are from actual concerts or shops from like 30 years ago :) My mom hates these shirts but I adore them! I can always put together an outfit with those shirts :)

The shirt I'm wearing here is of one of my favorite bands : THE CLASH!!
this is one of my fav songs by them

trying to learn this on my bass. oh and I have a shirt with this album cover too ;)

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THE CLASH T-shirt-Casa del disco
Red paisley head scarf- My great-aunts
studded belt- twas a gift :)
Black riding(sort of) pants-Zara
Black boots-From a shop in Spain

looking like a scary doll in the last picture x) gosh...

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