Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Grandmas ol' sparkly cardigan

Milo enjoys being featured often in my blog x)

So here is what I wore today :) kept it simple (but cute)as the bright pink sparkly cardigan (that used to be my grandmas when she was younger) was quite the statement piece with all its sparkly glory xD
I'm not really the kind of person who wears pink (almost never) but when it comes to sparkles I just can't resist x)

So today I decided that I better catch up on my posts because I can't be a couch potato for much longer. Still, my laziness is quite apparent in the last photo here. To go change clothes I would just climb into my room through the window instead of walking ALLL the way over to the main door/window that opens into the living room and then walk ALLL the way back to my room. Still working on my window climbing skills..I'm no ninja people! talk about the opposite of flexible ahahaha x)

Anyway I hope you've enjoyed todays attack of the blog posts which I should have done earlier. I'll try to blog as much as possible but with school now its a lot harder :/
But I promise to blog AT LEAST once a week (minimum) okay! (unless I have a huge test or project to do)

stay tuned :)

Black polka-dot tank top-H&M
Light high-waisted jean shorts-American Apparel
Sparkly cardigan- vintage(from my grandma)

ps.I'm not sure why I look so fake tanned in the first photo xD I'm like cadaver-ishly pale ahahaha

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  1. Cute photos, love the last one!! Your gran must of had great style :)