Wednesday, September 14, 2011

✎Back to School


Let me just start off with a huge SORRY for not posting for ages! I didn't realize how tired I would be when school restarted -.- I was planning to take photos of  every days outfit but unfortunately my body and brain were traumatized by having to wake up so early to go to school that when I would get home I'd turn into a human slug (still now) xD so once again, sorry!! D:

Anyway the pictures above show what I wore to my first day at school, my 'final' outfit, as this wasn't what I actually intended to wear (pictures of original outfit below) but all in all I'm quite happy with the outfit. To me this outfit was a bit of an escape from the horrors of having to go back to school, an escape to where I would rather be: TOKYO. I was inspired by the Harajuku street fashion that there is in Japan. The outfit is quite dark but still sweet :)

My original Idea of an outfit was more victorian and gothic inspired but I decided to change as I was worried of striking fear into the little hearts of the new middle schoolers, you know, being a scary senior and all ;) the theme of the outfit was "Mourning the Death of Summer".
(Nicole is not amused by having to go to school...but Nicole is amused by writing in the third person...Nicole is..easily amused xD)

Cotton Kimono-little asian store in the south of France
Black lace dress-H&M
Black boots- Spanish store (can't remember the name of the brand sorry D: )
Flower hair clips-H&M

ORIGINAL OUTFIT (which I might wear one of these days):
Black lace top(actually the dress from before)-H&M
Black lace skirt-Bought it at the Lafayette galleries in Paris
Necklace-spanish accessory store


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  1. HaHa Nicole! That 1st picture is priceless girl! Cool outfit. I had to wear dreary uniforms to school so you are lucky that you can express yourself. Have a great school year!

    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim