Friday, September 16, 2011

☝As in heaven, as in hell☟


Rocking one(out of like 15) of my band t-shirts that I own :) Most of the ones that I have are from my dad (who doesn't wear them anymore) who gave them to me about 2 years ago. The shirts he's given me are of the coolest bands ever that have now become some of my favorite bands too. I bought this shirt at a music store but the ones that my dad gave me are from actual concerts or shops from like 30 years ago :) My mom hates these shirts but I adore them! I can always put together an outfit with those shirts :)

The shirt I'm wearing here is of one of my favorite bands : THE CLASH!!
this is one of my fav songs by them

trying to learn this on my bass. oh and I have a shirt with this album cover too ;)

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THE CLASH T-shirt-Casa del disco
Red paisley head scarf- My great-aunts
studded belt- twas a gift :)
Black riding(sort of) pants-Zara
Black boots-From a shop in Spain

looking like a scary doll in the last picture x) gosh...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Facebook page

ATTENTION FOLLOWERS! I have (for your entertainment) created a facebook page for this blog so that I can post other fashion related things (runway,clothes,makeup etc etc etc) as well as a bit of randomness so that If I am unable to post on here as much as I'd like to then I will most probably(definitely) have updates and other things going on on the facebook page that may interest you in the meantime 

Grandmas ol' sparkly cardigan

Milo enjoys being featured often in my blog x)

So here is what I wore today :) kept it simple (but cute)as the bright pink sparkly cardigan (that used to be my grandmas when she was younger) was quite the statement piece with all its sparkly glory xD
I'm not really the kind of person who wears pink (almost never) but when it comes to sparkles I just can't resist x)

So today I decided that I better catch up on my posts because I can't be a couch potato for much longer. Still, my laziness is quite apparent in the last photo here. To go change clothes I would just climb into my room through the window instead of walking ALLL the way over to the main door/window that opens into the living room and then walk ALLL the way back to my room. Still working on my window climbing skills..I'm no ninja people! talk about the opposite of flexible ahahaha x)

Anyway I hope you've enjoyed todays attack of the blog posts which I should have done earlier. I'll try to blog as much as possible but with school now its a lot harder :/
But I promise to blog AT LEAST once a week (minimum) okay! (unless I have a huge test or project to do)

stay tuned :)

Black polka-dot tank top-H&M
Light high-waisted jean shorts-American Apparel
Sparkly cardigan- vintage(from my grandma)

ps.I'm not sure why I look so fake tanned in the first photo xD I'm like cadaver-ishly pale ahahaha

Vogue Fashion's Night Out MILANO


I've been wanting to do this post since I got back from Milan last thursday but it was a bit late so I procrastinated until today x) So here is what I wore to Vogue Fashion's Night Out in Milan, I wanted to keep it simple but added the light blue polka dot scarf so that I wasn't just wearing black and white (and also to keep the chills away at night). I love that scarf because the color is my one of my favorites (other than black) and the different sized polka-dots are so cute :)

I really enjoyed Fashion's night out! There where so many stylish people and going around the shops and boutiques was wonderful, we went to Alexander McQueen, Prada and a few others as well as H&M where I bought the black top from the post before and a simple red dress.

White T-shirt-(stole it from my sisters closet...shhh!)
Black lace skirt-H&M
Black belt-H&M
Polka dot scarf-H&M
Blue beaded necklace-spanish accessory store


What is sleep?

Luna seems to deeply understand what sleep is x)

Wore this outfit last friday and obviously with my fantastic luck the weather decided to become so disgustingly hot on the day I was wearing all black. I swear I felt like a vampire, if I were to step out into the sunlight I probably would have shriveled up or turned into popcorn or...or melted xD also take into account that that day I was also wearing black tights -.- It's so irritating when in the morning it looks like it's about to rain so I obviously dress accordingly but then at around 11am the sun decides to come out and make the weather go all hot and humid...

So I have the feeling that I'll be posting possibly 2-3 more times today...stay tuned! :)

Black loose top-H&M
Black and gold beaded necklace- from my parents trip to Egypt(when I was tres petite)


✎Back to School


Let me just start off with a huge SORRY for not posting for ages! I didn't realize how tired I would be when school restarted -.- I was planning to take photos of  every days outfit but unfortunately my body and brain were traumatized by having to wake up so early to go to school that when I would get home I'd turn into a human slug (still now) xD so once again, sorry!! D:

Anyway the pictures above show what I wore to my first day at school, my 'final' outfit, as this wasn't what I actually intended to wear (pictures of original outfit below) but all in all I'm quite happy with the outfit. To me this outfit was a bit of an escape from the horrors of having to go back to school, an escape to where I would rather be: TOKYO. I was inspired by the Harajuku street fashion that there is in Japan. The outfit is quite dark but still sweet :)

My original Idea of an outfit was more victorian and gothic inspired but I decided to change as I was worried of striking fear into the little hearts of the new middle schoolers, you know, being a scary senior and all ;) the theme of the outfit was "Mourning the Death of Summer".
(Nicole is not amused by having to go to school...but Nicole is amused by writing in the third person...Nicole is..easily amused xD)

Cotton Kimono-little asian store in the south of France
Black lace dress-H&M
Black boots- Spanish store (can't remember the name of the brand sorry D: )
Flower hair clips-H&M

ORIGINAL OUTFIT (which I might wear one of these days):
Black lace top(actually the dress from before)-H&M
Black lace skirt-Bought it at the Lafayette galleries in Paris
Necklace-spanish accessory store


Friday, September 2, 2011

The Last Night ◗


Just an outfit I put together for a night out in town with friends which I haven't seen all summer! Our last "summer night out" before school restarts(TUESDAY -.-) and we have to study for our last year so we can finally get out of here! :D

Black lace top- actually a skirt from H&M
High waisted mini skirt- H&M
Leather bag- vintage
Black and gold beaded necklace- from my Parents trip to Egypt when I was little
Wedges- bought at Galleries Lafayette Paris


Thursday, September 1, 2011




strapless fruity dress- Mango
second dress- Mango
beige belt- From a pair of beige H&M shorts that I have
red flower hairclips- H&M
Purse- Mango
Heels- Carvela
necklace- Bought at a little asian store in the south of France