Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So I will go ahead and excuse myself in advance as I will most probably not have many post coming seeing as I'll be in Spain for the next few days.
We're going by car from Italy to Spain with a few stops in the south of France in between. Usually most people would be excited to get to the destination :THE BEACH but (not that I'm not) I honestly can't wait to go back to France. You see, while I was in Paris I would eat Macarons( SO DELICIOUSLY DELICATE) all the time and since I've gotten back home I sadly cannot do that as there are no boulangeries to provide me with my yummy treats (i sound like a dog) If you ever go to Paris go eat at Laduree, it's fancy(and unfortunatly expensive) but the Macarons they make are amazing!
Arianna,me,Kyra and Melody in the Laduree at the Champs-Elysees :)

Anyway I'll be posting alot more once I come back from Spain since I need to plan out some back to school outfits.
Until then you can enjoy this delicious picture of a raspberry Macaron:

you're welcome ;)

Wait a minute....why am I talking about France?! This was supposed to be a post about Spain!
oh well...I'll post about Spain either when I get there or when I get back I guess x)


  1. have fun in SPAIN! and eat extra macaroons for me!!! <333333

  2. Hey Nicole!

    I found your blog via IFB; you responded to one of my group posts =) I'm so glad I stopped by your blog - you have the most adorable layout! I'm so jealous you are going to Spain! I've never been! You must post pictures of your trip! I'm now following you via google , I'd love it if you could come check out my blog sometime and maybe follow as well? =) I'm excited for more posts! Have a fabulous trip!


    PS. I am *DROOLING* over that macaroon!

  3. I've always wanted to try Macarons! I see them everywhere and it makes my mouth water every time I see a picture of one. Well, enjoy one to your heart's delight! :)