Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Necropolis ☠

While I was attending Parsons Summer Intensive Studies Fashion in Paris Pre-College course(this takes me so long to write -.-) our last project was to construct a garment. Here are the pictures that Arianna( of me wearing my garment. I had originally planned to have the photo shoot take place in a nearby cemetery but that didn't exactly work out...(long story short: got kicked out of the cemetery by the guards) which was quite dissapointing but THE SHOW MUST GO ON (what am I talking about?) so we found a textured wall that created a good contrast with the smooth draping in my garment :)
Its such an awesome feeling to be able to wear something that you yourself created, . We didn't have sewing machines so I had to hand-stich everything together myself (more fun than it actually sounds)so I'm very proud about the outcome of the garment :)




The dress is made out of black jersey and chiffon with trimmings of black fringe.

It's hard for me to explain the inspiration and idea behind this dress(I'd have to post all my mind-maps, research and drawings) but I think you can kind of get the idea from me wanting to photograph it in a cemetery x)



  1. I absolutely love this dress!
    Great blog, followed you via blogspot and bloglovin <3

  2. you look amazing! found your blog on ifb and am your newest follower. be lovely if you checked my blog out too x