Wednesday, August 3, 2011

L'été à Paris

Bonjour! (or Bonsoir depending on where you are in the world)
I have recently returned from a whole month in Paris where I attended Parsons Summer Intensive Studies Pre-College Fashion in Paris course :)
I'm just going to start off by saying that it was the most amazing and inspiring month of my life. I finally met people with my same interests and aspirations, I wasn't considered weird. I WAS WITH MY PEOPLE :')
And I also obviously learned so much about fashion design. I've wanted to be a designer since I was 6 or 7 years old. i've been drawing and painting my whole life and it was finally appreciated like it always should have been...(my school is a sciencey nerd-fest I swear)
Any way In Paris I met and befriended Arianna, a fellow blogger (whose blog is freaking gorgeous and girly, go check her ouuuut :  ). She has seriously helped me figure out this blog thing, she created my whole blog basically ;) 
Anyway I am so grateful for this amazing month in Paris ♡

Here are some pictures Arianna took of me while we where around the cathedral of Chartres (first school field trip week 1)
this cute picture was taken by Kyra (on the right) who is another awesome friend I met, in Paris, from Hong Kong :)

what I'm wearing:
sheer teal skirt-American Apparel
Black hotpants(under the skirt)-American Apparel
black top and black jacket- H&M
bag- H&M
hairbow(which is partially visible in the last picture) is from a cute little french shop there was around the town. It's basically fabric with a wire inside so you can wrap it around your head and twist the ends together to make a cute bow :) I bought two, a floral blue one and a floral pink one.
shitty old shoes I only use for travel now xD- converse

There are my more pictures to come so stay tuned and alert for my next post ;)


and yes those are real glasses :3


  1. You are amazing Nicole! A talented fashionista on your way to the design world! I'm so happy I met you!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE, Arianna <3

  2. ahahahaha arianna xD thank you! :) if it wasnt for you this blog would still be shittay x)

  3. I love this outfit! It’s really cute! And your hair is adorable btw :).

  4. Great outfit!! Love your blog, thanks for sharing your link with me :)
    Following you now, if you could return the favour that would be awesome!!


    Hey I checked out your blog, its great, and im now following!! :)
    if you could return the favour that would be awesome.