Monday, August 22, 2011

Spain ✺

scary me and my best friend Caitlin :)
^ check that kids face out wow xD ahahaha..anyway thats me and my sister Aurora. Don't be fooled by the cutesy sisterly love that seems to be going on here...she was actually choking me or something hahahaha x)

Got back from spain two days ago and I had an aweosme time there ; swimming at the beach in the morning, swimming in the pool in the afternoon and shopping in the evening (or just chilling in the house) :) Caitlin came with as well which just made the trip even more awesome than it already was :D

Stole these pictures from our last night out in the town by the beach from my sisters' camera. The quality of the pictures are not the best but I kinda like the effect they give, I feel like they depict the fun we were having better than a sharp photo would.

I'll be doing more posts now that I'm back for back to school outfits (I start school in september) so I'll be re-doing the outfit from these photos so you can actually see what I'm wearing (might change it up a bit but the idea will be relatively the same)


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So I will go ahead and excuse myself in advance as I will most probably not have many post coming seeing as I'll be in Spain for the next few days.
We're going by car from Italy to Spain with a few stops in the south of France in between. Usually most people would be excited to get to the destination :THE BEACH but (not that I'm not) I honestly can't wait to go back to France. You see, while I was in Paris I would eat Macarons( SO DELICIOUSLY DELICATE) all the time and since I've gotten back home I sadly cannot do that as there are no boulangeries to provide me with my yummy treats (i sound like a dog) If you ever go to Paris go eat at Laduree, it's fancy(and unfortunatly expensive) but the Macarons they make are amazing!
Arianna,me,Kyra and Melody in the Laduree at the Champs-Elysees :)

Anyway I'll be posting alot more once I come back from Spain since I need to plan out some back to school outfits.
Until then you can enjoy this delicious picture of a raspberry Macaron:

you're welcome ;)

Wait a minute....why am I talking about France?! This was supposed to be a post about Spain!
oh well...I'll post about Spain either when I get there or when I get back I guess x)

Necropolis ☠

While I was attending Parsons Summer Intensive Studies Fashion in Paris Pre-College course(this takes me so long to write -.-) our last project was to construct a garment. Here are the pictures that Arianna( of me wearing my garment. I had originally planned to have the photo shoot take place in a nearby cemetery but that didn't exactly work out...(long story short: got kicked out of the cemetery by the guards) which was quite dissapointing but THE SHOW MUST GO ON (what am I talking about?) so we found a textured wall that created a good contrast with the smooth draping in my garment :)
Its such an awesome feeling to be able to wear something that you yourself created, . We didn't have sewing machines so I had to hand-stich everything together myself (more fun than it actually sounds)so I'm very proud about the outcome of the garment :)




The dress is made out of black jersey and chiffon with trimmings of black fringe.

It's hard for me to explain the inspiration and idea behind this dress(I'd have to post all my mind-maps, research and drawings) but I think you can kind of get the idea from me wanting to photograph it in a cemetery x)


Friday, August 5, 2011

Palace of Versailles

Visiting the stunning Palace of Versailles was actually not as awesome as I had imagined  ._. 
Don't get me wrong, the Palace is gorgeous and all but the weather that day was horrible! It was freezing cold (the weather made it feel like it was october even though it was July!)which made waiting in line for tickets and visiting the gardens not as amusing as it could have been. 
Other than the fall weather and large amount of people visiting the Palace, the day was quite fun :) 
We even managed to go see the vast gardens of the Palace (which is where Arianna took all the pictures). 
Another upsetting thing that comes to mind when I look through these pictures is my polka-dotted tights: I bought them they day before and the same exact day they RIPPED. Needless to say I was pretty annoyed at how easily they managed to get ruined but my roomate cheered me up by saying that I looked pretty badass with them being ripped so...yeah. xD
If you ignore my whiney complaints, I am very happy that I got to visit the palace, especially with my friends :) CHEESEASCIOUS

one word: fail. xD 
What I'm wearing: 
Striped shirt-ZARA
black dress(under the shirt)- H&M
black jacket-H&M
polka-dot tights- TABIO discovered this store while I was in London. I was so excited when I saw that Tabio was also in France :). They have a wide range of different cute socks, tights and leggings that are made in Japan :)
Grey hairbow-Vintage scarf I bought in this awesome vintage shop located in St.Paul (Les Marais), Paris. Tied it in a bow and pinned it to my hair 

While we where leaving the Palace to go to the station a randomer shouted OOH LADY GAGA at me...I was honored xD 


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Feux d'artifice sur La Seine ✺

week 2. BASTILLE DAY picnic in the park near our hotel then we where free to go where ever . My friends, Melody (left), Kyra, Arianna and I decided to go and enjoy the evening fireworks in the area around the Eiffel tower for an evening a la français :)
The picnic was organized by Parsons and was rather delicious and in quite a pretty location.
It was one of the most memorable nights I had in Paris (especially when we tried to find a taxi in the crowd that had formed post-fireworks show. needless to say we got back to the hotel...extremely late ' 3 ' )

me, Arianna, Kyra, Melody (also from China, lives in LA) :) 

gosh Melody and Kyra are so cute and stylish *jealous* :3

What I'm wearing:
black jacket-H&M
striped shirt-ZARA
high waisted jean shorts- American Apparel
hair bow- a vintage scarf I tied into a bow and pinned to the top of my head
tights- Top Shop in London
shoes- I can't for the life of me remember the brand of these shoes (I left the shoebox in Paris and it's not written on the shoes...) but I purchased them at the Galleries LaFayette :)

Oh please excuse the vaguely pissed off face I seem to have in ALMOST EVERY PHOTO. I assure you that I was having the time of my life xD ahaha I don't know why I ended up looking upset :P



oh and for your own entertainment...this is me being a walrus:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

L'été à Paris

Bonjour! (or Bonsoir depending on where you are in the world)
I have recently returned from a whole month in Paris where I attended Parsons Summer Intensive Studies Pre-College Fashion in Paris course :)
I'm just going to start off by saying that it was the most amazing and inspiring month of my life. I finally met people with my same interests and aspirations, I wasn't considered weird. I WAS WITH MY PEOPLE :')
And I also obviously learned so much about fashion design. I've wanted to be a designer since I was 6 or 7 years old. i've been drawing and painting my whole life and it was finally appreciated like it always should have been...(my school is a sciencey nerd-fest I swear)
Any way In Paris I met and befriended Arianna, a fellow blogger (whose blog is freaking gorgeous and girly, go check her ouuuut :  ). She has seriously helped me figure out this blog thing, she created my whole blog basically ;) 
Anyway I am so grateful for this amazing month in Paris ♡

Here are some pictures Arianna took of me while we where around the cathedral of Chartres (first school field trip week 1)
this cute picture was taken by Kyra (on the right) who is another awesome friend I met, in Paris, from Hong Kong :)

what I'm wearing:
sheer teal skirt-American Apparel
Black hotpants(under the skirt)-American Apparel
black top and black jacket- H&M
bag- H&M
hairbow(which is partially visible in the last picture) is from a cute little french shop there was around the town. It's basically fabric with a wire inside so you can wrap it around your head and twist the ends together to make a cute bow :) I bought two, a floral blue one and a floral pink one.
shitty old shoes I only use for travel now xD- converse

There are my more pictures to come so stay tuned and alert for my next post ;)


and yes those are real glasses :3


After a month with the most artsy people I have ever known in PARIS I have quite a spectacular amount of photos to post. 
getting all the pictures organized :)
coming soon ;)